Our Organization
  We have 4 business divisions and 2 coordination div. (Planning & development / Affiliated Company Support) in Tokyo.
  Each business division has a group of chemical sales staffs at Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sendai city. We have 80 sales staffs, around 60% of which are graduates of chemical school.
  There are 4 subsidiary companies at Singapore,Taiwan, Thailand and Shanghai China.
Our line of business
Major products distributed and traded by each business division as follows:
::: Fine Chemical Division :::
Chemicals for semiconductor devises
  * Ultra Pure Hydrogen Peroxide (MGC)
  * Ultra Pure Aqueous Ammonium (MGC)
  * ELM-D (photo-resist developer: MGC)
  * ELM-C20/C30/R10 (photo resist remover & cleaner for semi-conductor and LCD: MGC)
Chemicals for electronic products
  * NOVEC® Hydrofluoroether (3M Japan)
  * Fluorinert® (perfluoro-carbon: 3M Japan)
  * Marvel Coat® RFH/RD series (Ryoko fluoro coating agent)
Chemicals for general industry use
  * Hydrogen Peroxide
  * Sodium percarbonate
  * Sodium perborate
  * Sodium hydrosulfite
  * Ammonium persulfate/Potassium persulfate/Sodium persulfate
  * Oxalic acid
  * Formic Acid
  * Formaldehyde(Formalin), Paraformaldehyde
  * Hydrazine hydrate
  * Catalase (ASC Super®)
::: Lifestyle Resources Division :::
Rust or Oxygen Control Agents
  * Ageless® (Oxygen Absorber for foods and medicines)
  * RP system®
    (Oxygen and corrosive gas absorber for electronics parts and cultural assets like papers and buried metal )
  * AnaeroPack® (Gas pack for cultivation of anaerobe)
  * Alfish® (Oxygen control pack for living fish transportation, like Nishikigoi, Grand brocade carp etc)
  * Anti-negamould® (anti-mould agent for foods)
  * Anti-rust Paper and agent
General Packing materials
  * Miscellaneous Plastic packing bags and sheets
  * IBC container and tight sealing parts
::: Surface Treatment Division :::
  * Chemical Polishing solution (MGC Products) for Iron, Copper and other Alloys
  * Soft Etching (Surface roughing and smoothing) solution for PWB.
  * Developing and Stripping solution for PWB.
  * Persulfate salts
  * Etching solution for Chip-size packaging (CSP)
  * LE sheet (Lubricant Entry sheet for PWB drilling)
  * Casein
  * Analyzer/controller for Chemical Polishing and Soft Etching.
::: International Business Division :::
We certainly have a great face for our foreign clients and domestic makers due to our cautiously and diligently business experiences for more than 50 years. So our exporting business style is that we can manage to handle any chemicals, which produce in Japan.

* We are specialist of Japanese Chemical Export
Our superior characteristic is deeply versed in hazardous chemical exporting business so we know how to ship it smoothly especially consolidated service for small cargo of hazardous chemical and uncommon hazardous chemical.
* We always make quickest response to customer's requirement
Our motto is “STRS”, which means “Speedy, Timely, Response, Service”. We believe that we can make “win-win bridge” between our clients and makers.
* What we have exported
Finally we introduce our recently exported chemical list as below.
>>Exporting chemical list